Try a new GET solution on your 90-160 ton excavators

In April 2019, KVX introduced the new E2® M80 tooth system, mounted on the Komatsu PC1250-11 excavator at the Bauma exhibition in Munich. Following this success, KVX is launching a M80 System size Promotional Campaign.  Experience more Uptime and more Profit !

(Ex. of machines : PC1250, CAT390, CAT6015, Liebherr 984, Hitachi EX 1200, Volvo 950…)

20. January 2020

The KVX solution is special because the tooth system is bolted on the cutting edge (lip). This configuration is weld-free, which means less downtime and the possibility to freely switch between several KVX GET solutions

If a machine is moved from one application to another, you can easily adapt/change the GET system to a more optimal solution. If you change operators and they prefer a different configuration, you can easily adapt to their needs. Easily and quickly !

KVX offers the opportunity to buy two unique GET systems at a great price to mount on your 90-160 ton excavators:

  • The 1-bolt tooth reversible system uses just one bolt to fit each tooth to the cutting edge and fits all brands of machinery. A quick, simple and extremely strong retention system that saves you both time and money. When they are worn, turn the reversible teeth in a short time.
  • The new E2® system offers the same slim profile and weld-free retention, with the incorporation of quickly replaceable tips. The tooth tips are fixed with a pin – easy and “hammerless” – on the unique KVX bolt-on “adapter” which offers a superior lifetime. (Available from August)

Thanks to its specific shape, the Heavy Duty (HD) lip will offer you a better penetration and will increase the lifetime of the teeth and therefore your service intervals. You can also mix the primary teeth with wear plates or “Milk teeth” in between to have better lip protection and availability.

Better productivity Welding free Maintenance / Downtime Reliability / Resistance TCO
  • Better penetration (slim profile), Better fill ratio
  • Less fuel consumption and less stress on the machine
  • Better cycle time
  • No welding on the lip thanks to the unique KVX bolt-on system
  • Advantages for Cold areas or High altitude
  • No difficulty to find skilled welders
  • Maximize up time
  • Change teeth/lip in minutes/hours, not days/weeks
  • Long service intervals
  • Drastically reduced ongoing bucket maintenance through unique system design
  • High toughness
  • Through-hardened
  • Risk of breakage and loss reduced
  • Limited risk of GET parts falling into the crusher 
  • Worn out teeth and wear plates can be re-used as wear protection in other areas on site
  • High production, less stress on the machine, reduced total machine cost 



  • Quarry, Demolition and recycling, Hard rock, Extreme impact, Crusher feeding, Digging in sticky material, Ripping.
  • Rental fleet fitments are perfect for this unique reliable concept

Presentation in Bauma

The new M80 E2® concept was presented for the first time on Komatsu’s booth, where the system was mounted on a PC1250-11 machine. Another PC1250 bucket was shown at the exhibition, this time equipped with the 1-bolt reversible teeth system.

The two systems were also displayed on the KVX booth. A lot of visitors and customers, especially in the quarry and mining industries, were really interested to see the details of KVX products.

Customer testimonials

The M80 1-bolt reversible tooth system has been used and appreciated by our customers all over the world for many years. KVX expects the same success with this new M80 E2® concept.

Piacentini & Son – Galaxy Mine site, Autralia – PC1250 :
  • Better penetration and filling performance in blasted rock

  • Better fill percentage in low bench work

  • Longer service intervals and a lot less unplanned bucket downtime for bucket/GET repairs

Ferrexpo Poltava Mining – Ukraina – PC1250:
  • Less downtime

  • Increase intervals of buckets maintenances

  • More effective and cheaper in operation, reduced cost per ton

Koniambo Nickel SAS – Koniambo mine, Ny Caledonia – Liebherr 984:
  • Reduced unplanned maintenance / downtime

  • Long term reliability of retention (nickel mining)

  • Smooth adapterless internal floor for reduced hang-up of sticky materials

Bremanger Quarry, Norge – CAT6015B:
  • The KVX 1-bolt M80 tooth system provides the best overall economy

  • The teeth are bolted and do not end up in the crusher


Please contact your local distributor to have more information about our offer.