KVX E2®: Every hour counts

3. June 2022

Rental.one operates 150 excavators in heavy norwegian construction and quarry sites. Tough operations, needing the best and most reliable GET system. Rental.one has standardized in KVX E2® on buckets for their large excavators. Here´s why.  

The KVX E2® is a slim an reliable system of reversible and replaceable tooth tips. Features XS hammerless pinning system, with tip replacement easily performed with a conventional socket spanner.

Adapters are made from the same superior steel as the classic reversible teeth, with a hardness of 500 Brinell all through the core. Replaceable tooth tips provide optimal lifetime.

KVX´s specialised bolting technology allows tip and adapter replacement with no welding necessary. The hardness match between adapter and tip makes the E2® adapter nose much more reliable and resistant to wear and deformation than other systems. Read more on the E2® system. 

Material in construction and quarries is in a steady growing volume being moved by rented machinery. Contractors focus on getting the job done. They need the right gear at the right time. Spending time and resources on fleet management and maintenance is beside the core purpose of a contractor company. 

For a rental company it´s right in the center of the core purpose.

Rental.one has taken an important role in organizing norwegian construction projects. A growing number of contractors choose to rent machines and equipment for their projects. 

The E2® has several advantages over conventional cast adapter system. Adapters bolted to the outside of the bucket provides significant protection externally to the lip and bucket floor. Inside, the bucket is left smooth and clean to enhance optimal material flow in and out of the bucket.

This makes for easier digging and faster, more effective dumping.

Tooth tips can easily ble reversed and replaced in the field. The same goes for even the adapters: You can also easily change the KVX adapter out in the field with just a simple spanner and spanner stand. No need for welding, hence no need for all the fuzz with welding systems. And no risk of heat induced cracking in the long run.

All of these are crucial features for a contractor, and even more crucial for a rental business supplying contractors with necessary equipment.

Growth in rental

Rental.one is a strong and fast-growing company in the Norwegian rental market. Its head office is in Nærbø at Jæren, with a further seven service locations around Norway. The company is owned by the Risa group, which also owns contractor company Risa AS.   

The business model is simple: Rental.one supplies Risa and other customers with a wide variety of machine and tools. The customer pays for an agreed period of time, from a few days to months or years. 

– Rental periods are highly individual, Roy Borlaug in Rental.one says.  

He is technical manager, and responsible for keeping all machinery and gear in working condition. The rental company delivers necessary units and equipment for a specific period of time. For this to work, there are a few values counting more than anything else:

  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Solution oriented 

Any unit stopping or equipment breaking will always lead to substantial loss of money. Worst case, it might have critical impact on a project´s economy, causing major problems for the builder or contractors in the project. The machine MUST work – no matter what. Bucket and GETs MUST give maximal entry and maximum loaded volume – no matter what. 

Rental.one´s fleet consist of thousands of units in all sizes. Among them are 150 excavators, with 20-30 tons being the most popular size. Smaller 8 tons units are also handy for many purposes. Then we have the large ones.  

 Quite a few of the excavators in the fleet are in the 40-70 tons size range. These are very important production machines production units in construction sites, and often works in demanding roles loading rock after blasting or feeding crushers.  

Rental.one´s units operate in a wide range of projects and quarries, often in material with some of on the hardest rock this earth has to offer. Excavators and loaders are under severe stress, and has to perform non-stop. The GETs even more so.  

For maximal operational reliability and efficient maintenance, Rental.one has chosen to standardize on only two types of teeth and wear parts for buckets. 35 tons and larger excavators are working the most demanding tasks and suffer the greatest stress.

KVX E2® standard on large excavators

On these, Rental.one has chosen to standardize on KVX E2® tooth system. This strategic decision is a result of years and years of good experience with the reliability and robustness of KVX GETs. 

– We have always been using KVX. Ever since the first reversible teeth came along at least 25 years ago, Roy Borlaug says.  

The reason is simple: Machines doing the heaviest work in the hardest rock needs the most robust and reliable tooth system. 

– KVX E2 is the most reliable and robust tooth system of all. The harder the material, the better E2® works. Our machines mostly work in very hard rock, Borlaug emphasizes. 

The steel is an important part of this success story. E2® teeth tips are are in cast steel. The adapter is manufactured from the same special steel alloys as KVX’s traditional reversible teeth, with a hardness of 500 Brinell (HBW 10/3000) through to the core. 

100 pct productive bucket

For the contractor it means a bucket 100% effective and productive through the whole rental. For the rental company, it means the bucket can be placed in storage as soon as the unit comes in, immediately available for the next rental.  

No risk for the next customer asking for new teeth on the bucket because the old ones are blunt. Tough operations in construction or quarries means the GETs has to stay on the bucket no matter the stress – until it is time to replace. Then it must come off with ease. Yes, even the strongest GETs wear in such hard material. 

In addition to the wear resistance in the KVX E2®, Borlaug likes that the system makes it easy to replace worn tooth tips.  

– E2® is a tooth system both we and our customers are highly pleased with. It keeps up really good, and it is easy to change tooth tips when the old ones are worn down. Often the operators do it themselves in the field. Otherwise, it is similarly easy for a mechanic to replace tooth tips when necessary, he says.  

KVX E2 – more uptime – no welding

KVX GETs need no welding. All components are bolted on, whether bolt-on teeth or bolted adapters for E2® and Intruder system.  

– KVX E2® takes a lot of beating and it’s being delivered at the right price for the units we are using them on. We would love to use it as a standard on all units in our fleet, Roy Borlaug says. 

Se all the benefits of the KVX E2 system here.