Reduced prices and up to 30% longer lifetime

The new FORGED 1-BOLT teeth in M52 and M60, which KVX launched in November, has been an excellent choice for all those who have converted to KVX in class 26-59 tons.

May 29, 2017

The feedback and measurement results show 20 – 30% longer lifetime on forged teeth that are cheaper than the teeth we previously manufactured from plates. This is just an extra benefit in addition to the already well-documented advantages of KVX bolt-on systems. Our metallurgist is thrilled that the new products live up to expectations and technical documentation for such a longer lifetime. Team KVX is looking forward to launch new forged products. Several of our dealers have experienced significant conversions with contractors and quarries who want forged bolt-on quality teeth on their machines. Forged corner teeth in 600 HBW for M52 and M60 are ready for delivery in September. Forged 1-bolt teeth in M68 (also 600 HBW) can be delivered from the end of April. We are also working on expanding the range of forged products.