​KVX Heel shrouds

KVX offers two new models of Heel Shrouds specially made for large buckets. First delivery of 50 pieces was sent to one of our Norwegian customers direct from production, and we have several requests worldwide. Be among the first to take advantage of this opportunity.

31. October 2019

This new model of Heel Shroud is forged which ensures significantly greater toughness, strength and abrasion resistance, good weldability and longer wear life. Thanks to a unique heat treatment process, new KVX Heel Shrouds are through-hardened to more than 510 HBW.

Two sizes are available:

Heel Shroud 22 (ref. 330432)
  • Dimension : 180 (L) x 245/195(W) x 140/80(H)
  • Weight : 22kg
  • Number by pallet : 32
Heel Shroud 11 (ref. 330431)
  • Dimension : 150(L) x 180/140(W) x 105/60(H)
  • Weight : 11kg
  • Number by pallet : 80

Heel Shrouds before Heat Treatment

Unique Heat Treatment

Heel Shroud 22 (ref. 330432) ready to be delivered.

Heel Shroud 11 (ref. 330431) ready to be delivered

Reminder: Other models of Heel Shrouds are available. They are made of original KVX Sagitta plate steel and through hardened to 500 Brinell. They exist in different sizes. More details in our product catalogue.

All KVX Heel Shrouds are designed to protect high wear areas, such as the corner edges on excavator, loader, face shovel and LHD scoop tram buckets. And they are just as easy to weld as our renowned wear bars!