Edmund Varhaug has come back to KVX. With him comes a unique industry insight and KVX product knowledge. With 40 years of experience he will assist customers in choosing the right teeth and wear parts systems with the optimal performance and TCO.

The first week of October, Edmund Varhaug (59) started working in a position as Product and Application Specialist at KVX head quarters in Norway. A highly pleased managing director Carsten Bo Andersen welcomed the experienced and knowledgeable specialist at the gate monday morning.

– It is with great pleasure I can announce Edmund Varhaug´s return to KVX. He has 40 years of experience of our industry, and an incredible knowledge on KVX products. Edmund reentry makes for a considerable streghtening of the service to our customers, Andersen says. Edmund himself looks forward to rejoining KVX.

– A strong and good employer where we get to work with amazing products, Edmund Varhaug says.

From Brøyt to contractor Stangeland, Komatsu and KVX

Varhaug has previously worked more than 10 years as a salesman in KVX. The last 2-3 years he has been working with local contractor Stangeland Maskin AS, selling used machinery. Contractor Stangeland and KVX are the companies where Varhaug has spent most of his long career in the construction and heavy machinery industry. A career starting with another well-reputed company: Brøyt. A norwegian company developing and building innovative excavators, starting in the 60s and keeping on all through the 70s and well into the 90s.

Varhaug started out as a welding apprentice at Brøyt in 1981, while the founding brothers Kristian and Ingebret Søyland still were active owners and managers of the company. He spent a couple of years there, before staring as a machine operator at local contractor Stangeland Maskin.

Most of his time at Stangeland, he was head of the company´s quarry department. There he participated in testing one of the first generations of teeth and wear parts systems from KVX.

KVX – a strong and reliable tooth system

– We wanted to see what it was up to, so we probably did things you shouldn´t do to buckets and teeth. We saved large amounts of welding costs by switching to KVX. An incredible simple, strong and reliable system for both excavators and wheel loaders, we concluded after extensive test operations, Varhaug says.

From Stangeland he moved to Komatsu agent Hesselberg Maskin, where he worked as a machine salesman for 7 years. Following those years he joined KVX, where he for more than 10 years was a salesman in the nordic region.

Now he is back with KVX again. Ready to share his knowledge and experience by assisting customers to choose the right tooth system for the machine. Whatever the machine, and whatever the operation it runs in.

– A few new products is coming in the near future ahead. They will take a substantial part of my time, he says.