To our customers and partners

Organization and Delivery Information

The KVX team takes the recommendations regarding the Covid-19 virus very seriously and makes every effort to continue to deliver to our customers on time.

26. March 2020

We took our first precautions four weeks ago, adapting our organization and processes to this new situation. Most of our staff have now been working remotely for two weeks and we are fully operational :

  • Security : Our team have been  able to work remotely  for 8 years and we have regularly tested this setup to meet our requirements on both security and reliability.
  • Communication : We conduct online meetings on Skype and Teams on a regular basis. So please, do not hesitate meeting with us to discuss drawings, pictures, or other projects where you need our support.
  • Adaptation : Some KVX team members have to take care of their kids but manage to support you by working longer days.


We do our best to ensure the KVX quality of service as you know it :

  • Our mobile switchboard is fully operational, as it has been for the last 7 years, just call as usual !
  • Our capability to continue supplying our products and services is 100 % !
  • We are ready to provide complete buckets, conversions and after-market business !
  • Transport and delivery are secured everywhere ! Just consider it can take longer than usual.


If you have any questions, please contact your normal contact person.

If no response you can call  +47 51 78 50 80 or contact us on e-mail:


Thank you for understanding and for your support.



Best regards,

Carsten Bo Andersen
Managing Director
Komatsu KVX LLC