Choose the good KVX bucket for your machine

12. May 2020

KVX has been in the Ground Engaging Tools (GET) business for more than 40 years. We already offered the toughest and most durable GET system on the market, so it was a natural expansion of our product line to offer complete buckets in the same high quality.

  • Our entry into the bucket business further enhanced KVX’s mission to supply heavy duty GET systems for the ever more demanding construction, quarrying and mining industries.
  • Our philosophy is to always strive for the best and to offer you “More bite for your money”. KVX buckets and attachments are no exception.
  • All equipment we produce is designed with a slim frontal profile for excellent penetration combined with a very good fill factor and manufactured to the strictest of preheating and welding criteria. As a minimum specification, we use high quality materials for the entire construction of the buckets. This guarantees the benefits of strength and flexibility in the most critical points, while also offering excellent hardness in the wearing zones.
  • KVX Sagitta® wear steel is also utilized in structural elements where wear is most predominant.

Buckets models

Depending on the digging conditions and the abrasiveness of the application, you can choose between our three models of buckets: Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Extreme buckets. We can also customize your bucket according to your individual needs and the application features.

HD – Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty buckets are made for non-abrasive conditions. In order to keep the bucket light, the wear protection is minimal (less wear bars and no wear plates on excavator buckets). Digging in soil or working in limestone quarry are typical applications for our HD buckets.

XHD – Extra Heavy Duty

The Extra Heavy Duty bucket is based on the HD model and extra wear material is added. It is suited to a broad range of applications. It will work effectively in both very tough and abrasive conditions such as demolition, hard and abrasive rock.

E – Extreme

The KVX Extreme model is the ultimate tool for extreme applications where high abrasion is a very important factor. The structure and the wear protection are strongly reinforced. The wear bars and wear plates are thicker and additional chocky bars, wear buttons and heel shrouds ensure a maximum protection of the sides. Underground buckets are designed with an optimal fixing for corner wear plates.

Buckets range

KVX delivers buckets for excavators from 20 to 400 tons, for wheel loaders from 24 to 250 tons, for front shovels and for underground LHD. KVX doesn’t just stop at buckets – we also supply rippers, quick couplers, block handling equipment, and other specialized equipment on demand, whatever the size you need.

Excavator Buckets

With its high structural resistance and an optimized digging profile, the KVX bucket will give your excavator machine the competitive edge that will make your activity more profitable.

Wheel Loader Buckets

Thanks to unique features such as a slim system profile and a flat floor design, the KVX wheel loader program will provide important cost savings to your loader operations: better penetration, resulting in higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and tyre wear….

Underground LHD Buckets

Our Underground LHD Buckets combine the key features and benefits of KVX Buckets and GET systems to provide a highly attractive LHD bucket solution. For years, we have supplied our buckets to Sandvik, Caterpillar and Atlas Copco machines.

Front Shovel Buckets

KVX can offer buckets for front shovels ranging from 40 to 300 tons. Attributes are similar to those of our excavator and loader buckets.


KVX delivers ripper teeth, ripper plates and complete rippers for rock, concrete, hot and cold slag, etc.

Other Attachments

KVX also provide other attachments such as Quick couplers, Forks, Breakers, Clearing Rakes, Rippers and Block Handling Buckets.

Prices are on demand.

If you wish to get a quotation for a KVX bucket, please fill out our bucket inquiry form.