KVX Wear Protection

Over a century of experience, research and development has given KVX a leading position in hardening technology.

This competence, combined with KVX Sagitta steel's unique features, give KVX's products a competitive edge defined by a high balance of both hardness and toughness.

In addition to our ground engaging tools for earth-moving machines, KVX offer a wide range of wear protection products that can be used in many applications.


KVX Wear Bars

Learn more about KVX wear bars - an excellent Sagitta steel protection solution for a wide range of applications




KVX Lip and heel shrouds

KVX Lip and heel shrouds are designed to protect high wear areas, such as the corner edges on excavator, loader, face shovel and LHD scoop tram buckets - learn more her




KVX White iron

Laminite is designed to protect your equipment from impact and high abrasion damage - learn more here