Technical department

 Kristoffer Brække

KRISTOFFER BRÆKKE - Technical Manager

Kristoffer started in KVX early 2015 as a technical manager with a degree in mechanical engineering and civil engineering in industrial economics. He came to KVX after 10 years in the oil industry from different positions such as a design engineer,  , engineering manager, technical director and Application champion.

When Kristoffer wants to relax he listens to music and enjoys going to concerts. He even plays in a local band as a guitarist as he ha played the guitar since 1991. He appreciates cooking, good wine and he also brews his own beer! He enjoys travelling and has just started kitesurfing.

Contact e-mail: / mobile: +47  / office: +47 51 78 50 80

 Arnold Furre

ARNOLD FURRE - Metallurgist

Arnold came to KVX in October 2012 after more than 40 years in the Kverneland Group as metallurgist. This is the man behind the well renowned KVX Sagitta Steel!
He is now retired from Kverneland and wished to contribute to KVX his vast knowledge in steel qualities, manufacturing and hardening methods.

In his spare time he enjoys his vey nice collection of veteran motor bikes.

Contact e-mail: / office: +47 51 78 50 80

Tobias Håøya

TOBIAS HÅØYA - Product Designer

Tobias started as Product Designer at KVX October 2012. He has his education within product design from Vestfold University College and will be an important contributor to the ongoing development within this field at KVX.

When not at work, Tobias enjoys several outdoor activities; diving, hunting, snowboarding and wakeboarding. He also has a strong desire to get some more education within his field of expertise.

Contact e-mail: / mobile: +47 92 09 19 12 / office: +47 51 78 50 80






LUCA PALMAS- Metallurgist/ production Engineer

Luca Palmas seized the opportunity and joined KVX May 2017.

With a degree in materials technology and welding technology he has gained great experience working in the oil industry as a technical and QA/QC manager. Of course, like most Italians, he enjoys cooking. He loves to go fishing and has great enthusiasm for veteran cars.

He can communicate in several languages such as Norwegian, English, Italian and Spanish. We are pleased to have Luca with us.

Contact e-mail: / mobile: +47 46 93 56 19 / office: +47 51 78 50 80

 Per Henrik Halvorsen

PER HENRIK HALVORSEN - Procurement Manager

Per Henrik started in KVX, early 2015, as a Supply Chain Engineerer. He has previous experience within manufacturing and construction industry working with this for 28 years. He has a lot of experience within sales, logistics, project management and in production generally either as a supervisor, manager or general manager.

In addition to being very solution-oriented and service-minded Per Henrik is fond of reading, playing computer games, family history research and cooking. Per Henrik enjoys experiencing new things when travelling and loves the outside nature. With his education in engineering, technology, management and strategy it pleases us to work together with Per Henrik.

Contact e-mail: / mobile: + 47 949 70 457 / office: +47 51 78 50 80