Sales department

Chris Guntner

CHRIS GUNTNER - Regional Sales Manager Oceania

Chris is KVX sales manager for the Oceania markets; Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

His numerous tasks include sales activities, technical training & support for major accounts and distributors in these areas. Chris took his education in Australia within the aviation industry and holds a Certificate in Civil Aviation. He moved into an Industrial Sales career in 1991, starting as Machinery sales & service representative at Mywood Engineering Pty., introducing the Teledyne range of rockbreakers to SA market. He started to work for Komatsu Australia in 1993 as sales coordinator and from year 2000 he worked as Masterclass Tutor, wheel loaders in Komatsu Australia. Chris started to work for KVX in May 2004 as National Product Marketing Manager, Australia.

Chris' main hobbies are music (singing & trombone), acting, boating & fishing, shooting and flying. He is also a board member of Finke River Mission and Yirara College.  

Contact. email: / office: +61 882 624 116 / mobile: +61 407 991 258

EDMUND VARHAUG - Area Manager and Service Manager

Edmund has been working in the construction and mining equipment business for more than 30 years. After starting out working for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), he then moved to one of Norway's biggest earth moving contractor companies where he worked for almost 20 years. He started his sales career in 2003, selling KVX products while working at the Norwegian Komatsu distributor. He finally joined KVX in January 2010. Thanks to this extensive experience Edmund has a deep knowledge of the industry and KVX products. Today, Edmund is KVX' Service Manager and is responsible for Key Accounts in Scandinavia.

Contact email: / mobile: +47 95 30 55 65 / office: +47 51 78 50 80

INGAR THU - Area Manager

Ingar started at KVX on 01 January 2007. He is KVX sales responsible for key accounts in Norway and Canada. He is also the key contact person for our bucket manufacturer partners. Ingar started his professional career in the oil and gas industry and worked over 17 years for oil-related companies in Norway and the United Kingdom. Ingar has an extensive experience of handling customers and always strives to find the best solution for them.

A father of four, Ingar enjoys spending time with his family when he is not coaching his neighbourhood's football team.

Contact email: mobile: +47 90 69 91 91 / office: +47 51 78 50 80


SERGEY PYZH - Area Sales Manager

Sergey started at KVX in February 2013. He is responsible for KVX Sales in Eastern Europe, ex-Soviet countries, part of the Nordic market and part of the Asian market. Sergey has long experience in the agricultural industry and business development, has worked 15 years with sales of tractors, agricultural machinery, spare parts and equipment. Before he started in Norway in 2009, he had worked in Italy for 6 years. Therefore, in addition to Russian, he speaks Italian and would like to improve his Norwegian in Norway. Today he holds a Bachelor degree in Management and International Economic Relations.

When not at work, Sergey likes to walk in the mountains and train a little bit - cycling, swimming, jogging and skiing. Also he enjoys reading newspapers and magazines.

Contact email / mobile: + 47 925 10 925 / office: +47 51 78 50 80

Gil Do Cabo

GIL DO CABO - Area Sales Manager

Gil joined the KVX team as Sales Manager for Africa and Southern Europe in 2016. Gil has built a strong and solid career within various industries including mining.  He has worked his way up from pipefitting, welding, mechanical fitting, project management, sales and management, and has more than 20 years of experience from various challenging positions.  He has deep knowledge of the mining industry, has extensive experience of handling customers - and always strives to find the best solutions.

When not at work Gil loves to spend time with his wife and four children.  Church is an important part of his life.  He enjoys reading, teaching, cycling, game farm and the outdoors.    

Contact email: / mobile: +27 (0)82 337 9512


ARNVID NJAERHEIM - External Consultant

Arnvid has been with KVX since 2008 as an External Consultant to the German speaking countries. Living in central Germany, he can support customers and dealers locally. Arnvid knows KVX from the very beginning, being our dealer in Germany for some 15 years (Njaerheim Verschleissteile GmbH). Arnvid sold his company in 2007 and is now offering his vast experience from the Contruction and Mining business to KVX and our customers.
Arnvid will end his role as consultant for KVX to the German speaking market end September 2017. He will be replaced by Mr. Ole Horstad, which also speaks German.

Contact email: / office: +49 (0)171 9980400      Mr. Ole Horstad: email: / mobile: +47 959 90288.