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The KVX logo consists of an blue and gray contour, as well as a blue gradient used as the fill color.

Guidelines for use of logo

  • Place logo at top or bottom of the print or digital marketing material.
  • Place on white or yellow background.
  • Placing on image requires a bright and clean background.
  • Distance around the logo

    Left and right:

    Minimum 100% height of the logo.

    Over and under: 

    Minimum 50% height of the logo.


Download logo

Intended for digital use (bitmap)

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Intended for print and press (vector)

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There are also separate versions of the logo in blue without gradient, in grayscale and black / white.
These are reserved for special types of collateral.

In need of the complete Corporate Identity Profile or questions regarding the logo?
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Main colour
Pantone: 116 C
CMYK: 0-18-100-0
RGB: 255-195-0
RAL: 1004
Support colour
Pantone: Black C
CMYK: 0-0-0-100
RGB: 0-0-0
RAL: 7021
NCS: 8502B
Support colour
Pantone: Pantone 280 C
CMYK: 100-80-0-40
RGB: 0-34-93
Support colour
CMYK: 100-80-0-5
RGB: 9-56-138